Kayvan Michael Bazergan


I'm a portrait photographer and a skilled retoucher, based in London.

I draw my influences from the glamour of Old Hollywood, couture fashion, classic film, and the portrait painters of the past.

Growing up in west  London, with Polish and Persian roots, I went to St. Benedict’s school in Ealing, and Trinity College, Cambridge to read Economics, before exploring many different paths, and after lots of twists and turns, I got hooked on photography in about 2010, a practice which I have always loved.

This coincided with me learning how to dance (jive and swing), which inspired me to start documenting the colourful and vibrant scene I’d become a part of. It has since become my long term personal project to photograph the dancers, DJs, musicians and sharp dressers that make up the vintage scene. 

I’m comfortable shooting in a complex studio environment, as well as with lights and props on location, but equally in nature and with natural light.

I believe it is my calm, composed and empathetic nature, which invites people to comfortably be themselves in front of the camera, and to express themselves freely, whilst allowing me to capture them authentically, uniquely and stylishly. A curated soundtrack adds to the relaxed, enjoyable, and creative atmosphere of my shoots.

And whether I’m shooting fashion, an actor’s headshot or a stylised Old Hollywood style portrait, it is people that interest and inspire me the most, and to whom I’m drawn to connecting with and photographing.

In fashion I love to collaborate creatively with different designers, artists, stylists and models, to create something stunning and original.

I’m a skilled retoucher and my style is to make people look their natural best.

I have shot weddings, engagement shoots, and photographed families, all in my own timeless and cinematic style, storytelling through capturing beautiful candid moments and elegant posed pictures.

I’m also adept at still life photography: From couture hats to paintings and other art works, and products, it is my eye, my attention to detail and my creativity that are my great assets here.

I am constantly refining my practice through personal projects, study, reading, and doing various courses, whether in my specific genres of photography or further afield, as well as in editing and retouching, so that I can be versed in the latest methods and techniques - all of which I have been doing diligently for the last 12 years.

I am based in London but can travel to wherever in the world my work requires.


 “Stylish, engaging and powerful...”

“Considered, dramatic and thought provoking..

“Captures the striking in people with light, attention to detail and perfect balance..”

"Atmospheric, glamorous and intimate.."

“All your pictures are so beautifully lit...you’re a master of light..”

“Cinematic..”  “Your photos are like stills from a film..”

"Elegant, quiet and contemplative: His work has a quiet and contemplative quality about it. It is not rushed. It is a slow beauty that makes you want to linger."

"Michael has a truly unique eye for photography and particularly for portraits, and he sheds a new, warm light on the people he captures. He provided photography for some of our social dance events which consisted of both posed portraits and action shots. Michael is also a lovely person to deal with and very reliable, and I could not recommend him enough." Anna Selmon, Swingdance UK